Increase Your
Conversions and Engagements enables your company to save time and cost for customer service team, reduce cost of acquiring a lead and also boost sales conversations with automated follow ups.


• Inefficient time management for sales personnel

• High costs in customer acquisition

• Poor customer service and lost revenue

• Lowered costs for inside sales, customer acquisition and support

• Automated processes with global connections around the clock

• Boosted customer revenue


Challenges Your Businesses Might Face


Excessive Time Consumption

Sales professionals spend an excessive amount of time qualifying leads and securing high-quality appointments.

Poor Customer Service

Poor customer service and revenue loss due to current chatbots lacking the efficiency to assist service representatives in answering FAQs in a human-like manner.

Customer Retention

Struggling with retaining customers and identifying upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

How Help seamlessly integrates with CRMs and other platforms. Our product enables identification of Upselling and Cross-selling opportunities and allows for global customer connection in multiple languages around the clock, with no downtime.

By automating appointment bookings and lead qualifications via CRM, effectively reduces your Customer Acquisition Costs.

By providing AI-driven and profile related recommendations based on identified intent or interest for your customers, is able to boost your customer revenues efficiently.

MAIN BENEFITS Core Technology integrates with:

3 key use cases of

  • Handle Frequently Asked Questions with Human-like Conversations
  • Allowing Responses in Multiple Languages
  • Quick Responses
  • Manage Complaints
  • Automatically Qualify Leads
  • Identify Cross-selling Opportunities
  • Collect Lead Information
  • Automate Follow-ups to Nurture Leads
  • WhatsApp Broadcast to Leads not responding to emails
  • Alerts and Reminders

Integrations with AI combines a chatbot with AI, offering key power aspects such as:

Scalability: AI-driven chatbots efficiently manage a high volume of queries concurrently, ensuring scalability

Enhanced Engagement: Personalised and dynamic chatbot conversations foster high user engagement

Cost Efficiency: Automation of routine tasks minimize the need for human involvement, leading to cost savings

Quick Responses: AI chatbots respond instantly, providing support 24/7 in the users prefered language




frequently asked questions

1Is cost effective?
We helped many clients deflect up to 65% of queries to WhatsApp chatbot, which saves them 30% on operational expenses. We would encourage you to fill-up the form and let us understand more about your business processes before giving an accurate quote. We will also share with you our rates and check for grant eligibility.
2What if some of my employers are non tech-savvy? easy to use and comes with a good user interface. On top of that, we have a designated account manager to help you with anything you need.
3Is the data from my WhatsApp safe?
Yes, all your business communications and data stored are secured on our cloud with end-to-end encryption.
4Is can be integrated with other system?
We do provide custom integration solution to integrate with your system. We also partnered with a wide range of third-party technology providers who can offer you additional services or functions such as automation, chatbot, or omnichannel inboxes.

Fit these

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