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June 10, 2020
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6 CRM Features and Why You Need Them for Your Business

In order to make your business successful, it is essential to use applications and tools with the right features. Even if you are utilizing a CRM system, there are so many features and types of software available in the market. Following are some of the beneficial features that you should be present in the CRM system that you use.

Customisable Dashboards

One of the most important features of business management is the customisable dashboard. This feature will enable you to manage your business, even if you own several branches or stores, from one screen. You will be able to see detailed data from all sources including phones, internet and daily follow-ups. Most of the dashboards have features that enable you to see monthly data and you can easily shortlist areas which require extra attention.

Customer Data Management

Another essential feature that business owners should have in their crm software hong kong is customer data management. This feature enables the business owner to access and save service histories, financial and credit information, contact information and customer sales. Moreover, this feature can also be used to making reports on demographics, sales trends and other important marketing information.

Marketing tools

Businessmen can also use their CRM software for developing effective and efficient marketing campaigns using various channels provided by CRM. This includes local print, broadcasting adverts, text messages, custom emails, social media and internet advertisements. Additionally, this feature will help you in supporting your promotional tools like your store coupons, loyalty programs and discount on services and sales.

Business Development and Call Centres

Business Development and Call Centres are an essential part of a CRM software and are not just add-ons. They help in customizing CRM solutions according to your needs and requirements. They help in-house sales employees to handle internet inquiries, customer calls, individual client follow through and sales leads. They help in improving customer satisfaction, ongoing sales and personal relationships

Inventory Management

CRM solutions usually comes with an inventory management feature. It helps businessmen in tracking their product inventory. Furthermore, it provides with reports on quickest, most selling and most profitable products. This way you can use this analysis for increasing your sales and improving your business. You can easily increase the production of items that are selling more in the market or has a higher demand.

Training and support

In order to fully utilise the best crm in hong kong, it is preferable to select the one that comes with training and support features. It is advisable to select solutions that provide with on-site training. This way your employees will be able to learn more about the system. Moreover, select a vendor that provides with frequent online trainings, updates and training materials. The best support consists of phone, internet and email services.

Above mentioned are top 6 features that a CRM solution should have. As these features will help businessmen in streamlining and increasing sales.

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