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June 10, 2020
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June 10, 2020

How the Future of CRM Software Would Look Like in 5 Years

Expect CRM software to be more intelligent, engaging and integrated in the next five years. Larger businesses to smaller scale startups are actively employing this software in daily tasks to get better insight into customer related patterns. In order to deliver better customer experience, teams across marketing to sales is adopting this software. As essential and dynamic as it is now, CRM Software is poised to be even more so in the coming years. Here is what you can expect CRM Software to be and do in the next five years:

More Customer retention through a different orientation

With a CRM system in place, greater customer retention is possible. In the future, expect this particular feature to have expanded even more. This requires a more customer-oriented approach via the CRM. The amount of data available should help in the development of a customer-oriented process, instead of traditional methodologies such as mass emailing to customers.

More Social Media Integration

Although CRM online is socially inclined, it is not completely social media integrated. Since social media is the way to connect with customers these days, a full-on integration does not seem too far fetched. Not only that, the software will also be more social media savvy and contextually aware. Social media is a great way to get more insight into customers and companies are actively looking to optimize on just that. Almost all companies have an online presence across multiple platforms. Networking through social media will keep the customers engaged with the brand and it will also help in influencing customers. It can help in better anticipating and providing appropriate responses to customer queries.

Improved Customer experience and engagement

In the future, CRM may find a new purpose; from being an internally focused software to an emphasis on the external. This means that it will be able to engage and build relationships with customers on their terms and according to their needs instead of only focusing on internal sales data, so to speak. It should also deliver better customer experience with an integrated customer experience technology.

More personalisation

Mass personalisation would be a hallmark of CRM software of the future. This includes the ability to interact with each customer differently based on individual needs, which is possible through relevant and extensive data collection such as sales data. Examples may include an auto-generated list based on a customer’s buying habits.

With its current growth trajectory, experts predict that in the next decade or so, CRM and Artificial intelligence may be unthinkable as separate entities. If you are still unaware of the many advantages of this software, try your hand at free crm software now.

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