Steps to Help You Get the Most Out of Your CRM Software
June 10, 2020
How You Can Use CRM in Your Marketing Strategy
June 10, 2020

How to Enhance Small Business Client Relations with CRM

One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs in Singapore face is establishing a pool of regular or repeat customers. Marketing a new business or a small business can be an uphill task especially because of the highly competitive environment Singapore businesses operates.

Since competition is stiff and the clients are well informed, the old tactics of trying to appeal to the masses no longer hold. You have to be stealth like when picking out your potential buyers. You need a proven method that’ll give you information that leads to sales and lasting client relationships.

Online CRM software systems in Singapore is not a new phenomenon. Business leaders have recognised the value of CRM software and recommend its use to enhance client relations for both large and small businesses.

Here are tips on how you can establish and enhance client relations.

Gather and Store Personal Information

Relationships are based on the information we have about each other. CRMs are designed to gather, store and keep track of personal information of your clients and potential clients.

Having a client’s personal information is a crucial tool in the sales process. First, it enables you to refer to the client in a personal way thus clients are more likely to read your emails or salutation. Other information such as birthdays, favorite food or family status can help you customise communication, establish specific needs and even design products that have a stronger appeal to your customers. In other words, you will be able to deal with a client more as an individual rather than a statistic or an account reference.

You Can Use the Pareto Rule

If your business has been operating for a while, you must have a client base. However, not all clients have the same value to your business. There is the top cream, the 20 percent of customers who bring in 80 percent of the business.

A CRM solution is an excellent tool to help you narrow down who amongst the entire customer base falls in this top cream.

Once you have identified the top, most profitable clients, you can then use the CRM features to customize marketing techniques to the cream clients. They’ll not only be happier, but you’ll also focus your business resources where it’s most profitable.

Send Regular Updates

Singaporeans love to be on the move and informed. CRM in Singapore can help keep your clients on the move and informed.

A CRM solution enables you to send regular updates about your products (say special offers) or send personalized messages (like a happy birthday wish or a thank you note)

You might be thinking that you can do the same with a regular spreadsheet and reminder. However, the beauty of a CRM solution is that it analyses the client data and sends the update at a time the client is most likely to read it.

Not only does it make them feel more valued, but it also strengthens your bond.

Ultra-fast Response to Complaints

Speaking of timely updates, there’s nothing more reassuring to a client than an acknowledgement of receipt of a complaint by the right authority in a timely manner.

A CRM solution will enable you to collect complaints, assign them to the right person and trigger a communication from the right authority in the business’ hierarchy in record speeds.

CRM in Singapore is a must have for your business, whether big or small. The above tips will help you make the most of them and establish strong bonds with your clients.

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