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June 11, 2020
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How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Salesforce

The third quarter of 2017 saw Singapore’s economic fortunes take a turn for the better. Economic growth was highest in the last four years and opportunities to grow businesses expanded. Companies just now need to increase sales efficiency to actually make it happen.

Sales efficiency is all about ensuring that your executives engage and focus on activities that directly result in sales. You can achieve this by removing the obstacles that derail agents from focusing on sales.

The best CRM software can enable you to employ measures to enhance the efficiency of your salesforce.Here are a few ways the best CRM software can allow you to roll out and achieve increased efficiency.

Remove Mundane Administrative Activities

If your salesforce is bogged down by administrative and clerical activities, they will have less time to interact with customers and prospects. The best CRM software enables you to integrate with third party tools and automatically collect, store, organise and retrieve customer and prospect information easily.

You can make your salesforce more efficient by collating information such as contacts, location, leads and other sales opportunities centrally. This keeps sales agents focused on converting opportunities rather than organising and extracting customer information or reports.

Improve Your Salesforce’s Knowledge

A well-informed salesforce is more efficient than an uninformed one. One way to enhance your agents’ knowledge of the industry, markets and competitors is by engaging the best CRM software.

The best CRM software equips your salesforce with a 360-degree view of each customer. It enables them to provide individualized solutions to customers. Sales agents will have access to information such as preferred means and time of communication, and a foothold of what specific problem your product solves for particular customers. Salespeople will thus be better positioned to handle rebuttals and customer complaints. All this information enables your salesforce to be more stealthy in their sales approach and turn new customers into repeat clients.

Smart Account Management

High-performance companies make sure that they reap the most from their high-priority accounts.

The best CRM software enables you to assign your sales executives to the most appropriate accounts. Also, the best CRM software keeps a record of the activities and communication during the entire sales process. Information from previous engagements can be used in training and coaching junior agents to help them master sales. Management will also be better placed to link personalities and skillsets of the sales teams to the best-suited accounts or territories.

Improve the Engagement Levels of Your Salesforce

High-performing sales agents often put in extra effort and hours compared to their lower-performing colleagues.

The best CRM software can integrate multiple, existing business systems, such as performance trackers and provide better performance management methods and metrics. This enables the establishment of structured recognition and rewards as a central part of the company’s sales culture and enhances employee engagement levels.

Your business can turn into a powerhouse with the right technology and team to match. You can use the best CRM software to foster the above measures and increase your salesforce’s efficiency.

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