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Reasons Why Every Business Should Customise Their Emails

Have you heard people say that the days of email marketing are over? Actually, that’s not 100% true. Email is still a powerful marketing tool. Even in this age of social media, a lot of people still use emails for private and secure communication. However, generic email addresses will not do for businesses. To take full advantage of emails, businesses must customize their emails.

So, here are 5 reasons every business should customize their emails:

Customization adds credibility

With emails, credibility is a big issue. An average email user receives so many spam emails every week that he or she discards 99% of them without even bothering to look at them. But customized emails are different. The recipients know that they are from a source they can trust. They know that the sender is someone of good repute. They will not discard the emails without going through them at least once. Thus, customization adds credibility to your emails.

Recipients instantly know who it is from

Spammers send emails using many different addresses. Without customization, your email can easily be mistaken for spam and ignored. Adding a digital signature and a company logo is a good way to let the recipients know instantly that the email is from you. As soon as they see your signature and logo, they will know that it is not spam and will not discard it without going through the email content. If you have requested a response, they are more likely to take the trouble to write a reply.

It shows that you mean business

When your customers receive a customized email from you, they will know that you mean business. They will know that the email is from a source that they can trust. They will appreciate the effort you have put into customizing the email. As a result, they will be more inclined to take your offers, requests and suggestions more seriously. In today’s highly competitive business environment, this gives you an edge over your competitors as customers only respect those businesses that they believe mean what they say. This is also a way to start your roadmap to gaining loyalty from customers.

It provides an effective way to counter spams

Spammers use sophisticated bots that are programmed to send out spam emails automatically without regard for customization. One of the strategies used by spam filters to counter spam is to check for phrases commonly used by spammers, such as “Dear friend” and “cash bonus”, and send the emails containing those phrases directly to the Spam folder. Often, the user himself deletes the email as soon as he sees those phrases. A customized email doesn’t suffer such a fate. Once the email software recognizes the sender, the email goes directly to the inbox folder where the recipient can see it.

It makes you more confident

Self-confidence is one of the most desirable traits in anyone involved in sales and marketing. Customers are more likely to buy from salespeople who are brimming with confidence. Having a customized email marketing gives you the confidence to write to your customers without inhibition since you will know that your emails will be received enthusiastically. If you believe in yourself, people will believe in you..

Lastly, email marketing plays a very important role in customer relationship management (CRM) as they allow you to reach out to your customers where other media cannot. If you are using or planning to use mobile CRM software, make sure that you have the best CRM software that can be integrated with your email marketing tool to make the best out of it. With this integration, you can easily execute multiple email marketing efforts such as email sequencing or email automation with personalized attributes. With advanced email marketing tools, you are able to track real-time reports of your email campaigns and have visibility of your marketing effectiveness.

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