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June 10, 2020
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Strategies That Online Retailers Should Employ

The internet has heralded the rise of online shopping as a popular form of e-commerce due to its convenience. Despite this, only 4.6% of Singapore’s retail sales in 2016 took place online. This meant that Singapore lags behind the rest of the developed world when it comes to online shopping even as the industry grows to be increasingly competitive. It is a dynamic landscape that moves along with online trends. Retailers should be willing to develop accordingly if they are to keep up with the world of e-commerce and win the market share from physical stores. Here are some strategies that will help them to do just that!

Content Marketing

Ease of use

Ensure that the website is well designed with an aesthetically pleasing layout. It should be accessible and easy to navigate. Special emphasis should be placed on the ‘review’ and ‘check out’ and ‘product information’ sections. Use popular retailer websites as a sample to guide you. Customers don’t want to be bogged down by a confusing or complicated procedure so make it simple and attractive.

Proximity marketing

In the age of the smartphone, 3 out of 5 Singaporeans prefer to shop online on their phones. Proximity marketing aids them in their endeavour. It involves specific promotional content which uses push notifications to inform customers of deals and discounts available near them. Proximity marketing works using the customer’s location and it can be activated through Bluetooth via Beacon devices. Not only does it contribute to ‘in the moment’ purchases but proximity marketing also allows retailers to analyse customer buying patterns. These statistics can help you to develop future marketing plans.

Smartphone focus

Tied into proximity marketing is the emphasis on smartphones. Catering to phones rather than computers should be the primary aim of online retailers. Emphasis should be placed on developing a smooth mobile version of the website. In addition, having an up-to-date app with a smart layout and ease of use will go a long way in attracting customers.

Knowing the Customer

It is nearly impossible to target a general audience. You need to narrow down who your customers are, focusing on particular demographics. This will allow for specialization of your product. One possible way is to use a free CRM software; it will also prevent generalization and vague marketing by helping you to focus your marketing objectives and aiming to appeal to certain groups. You can use surveys and reviews to gather the information. This will go a long way in understanding the needs and wants of the customer and help you to develop an appropriate plan for engaging them. Using software like a CRM software can also assist you in learning more about your customers and help you with your business.

Social Media Usage

Social media can be used to glean the interests of customers as well as their spending patterns. Their propensity to shop online can be monitored and utilized for marketing purposes. 12% of Singaporeans use social media to obtain shopping information and 16% of these share their experience online. These buying patterns and reviews will help build an online presence.

Online retail is a growing business, and rightfully so! Make use of any or all of these ideas and strategies to help your online startup.

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