Using CRM Software to Follow Online Marketing Trends
June 11, 2020
How To Boost Customer Satisfaction With Online CRM Software
June 11, 2020

Using CRM Software to Create Marketing Strategies

Based on the word ‘customer relationship management’, most people think that a CRM system is just a means for organisations to manage their sales leads. However, that’s not all it is good for. Today’s online crm software can also play a key role in an organisation’s marketing strategies.

Here is how you can make your CRM system work for you by making your marketing and sales strategy better:

Better Visibility

CRM functions as a system that provides your organization with a clear view of where all the leads are coming from in the funnel. At the same time, it can also help raise your sales team’s awareness of possible marketing initiatives. For example, is there a marketing event coming up? Are your clients planning on going there? If so, your CRM will know, and in turn, they can remind your sales team to send personalised reminders to customers who are planning to attend. Alternatively, your sales team may also want to reach out to them via a telephone call, for a more personal touch.
By knowing what your customers are up to, you can reach out to them and increase your organisation’s overall visibility in the market.

Automated Alerts

CRM already automates a lot of the sales process, so why not tinker with it so that it creates triggers and alerts for your sales department whenever something happens? Did someone subscribe to your newsletter? Set the alarm! Let your team know a potential customer is waiting, and that a follow-up call a week later might be what turns them to a recurring client.

Just as how your alarm in the morning serves as your wake-up call, so too can you use CRM software to create actionable solutions.

Increased Customer Engagement

Perhaps the most underrated function of a CRM software is how it helps your organisation increase engagement with and from your customers. Simply by listening to and making an effort to understand them using the data provided by the CRM system, your messages are more likely to resonate with them, and they’re more likely to relate to you. This results in more leads to the sales funnel and a marked increase in engagement. However, the thing is, it is not just a one-time thing – engaged customers are loyal customers, which means they have spending potential in the future.

By using the data compiled by your CRM software and integrating it with your organisation’s marketing strategies, you can gain better insight into your customers and pad your bottom line. Although it takes a lot of work to do so, the shared data between sales and marketing via CRM will help you understand your target market even more.

Synchronising your data between the CRM software and marketing automation will help you improve your business’ understanding of customers. Although the process to create a shared source of data between marketing and sales will not be immediate, you will obtain the capability to better comprehend your client’s actions and preferences.

Make the transition today and give your organisation the added benefit of getting the best crm software possible that is ready for any advances in the future.

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