7 Industries That Use CRM the Most
June 10, 2020
Why the Real Estate Industry Should Use CRM Systems
June 10, 2020

7 Industries That Use CRM the Most

CRM software solutions help in aligning the sales and the marketing departments. With the help of an effective crm software solution, these two departments are able to get a holistic overview of the market condition, enabling higher and more synchronised collaboration, effective communication. The solution also helps in clearly defining the responsibilities of the respective departments. Let us discuss the issue in detail.

Synchronizing between Marketing and Sales

A study reveals that the aligned business organizations meet their revenue objectives more often than their non-aligned counterparts. The secret behind that success lies in the perfect sync between the sales and the marketing departments.

An effective CRM solution can help to avoid any miscommunication between the two departments. This leads to a perfect collaboration between the two. Once the two departments are on the same page, the marketing department can guide sales to a better understanding of the prospects. On the other hand, the sales department can inform the marketing department about the closed prospects. This harmonisation between the two departments minimizes loss of time and helps to streamline the overall business process, thus bringing in more ROI.


CRM solutions come up with certain tools that enable the sales personnel keep in touch with the Marketing personnel regardless of where they are located. Thus, with a seamless and constant communication between the two departments in place regarding hot, cold or potential leads, campaign strategy, and future objectives, the effectiveness of their joint efforts in revenue generation is bound to increase, thus having a positive impact on the business.

Allowing employees to be aware of their responsibilities

Both the sales and the marketing departments have set a target every quarter or month. Hence, in order to promote the alignment between the marketing and sales departments, a Service Level Agreement or SLA is set up. This agreement clearly demarcates the responsibility between the two departments.

Now an effective CRM tool developed by a CRM software development company plays a pivotal role in designing this SLA, by providing a real-time view of the prospects to both these departments. This gives them a clear cut idea of where the prospects of sales are and what should be the aligned goal vis-à-vis those prospects.

Taking business a step closer to success

Once an effective CRM solution is in place, a seamless coordination between the sales and the marketing departments grows. This coordinated effort by the two departments takes the business a step closer to towards their intended business objective of earning the desired ROI. An effective CRM is always the best bet when it comes to improving the collaboration and increasing the communication and setting clear expectations, which collaboratively leads to a more transparent and dignified interdepartmental alignment.

Though there are a number of other ways an effective CRM software system can align businesses, these are the most apparent ways that can literally and apparently be felt after installing the CRM solution.

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