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June 11, 2020
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5 Crucial Steps to Engage Customers on the Internet

Running a company in today’s demanding and disruptive business environment is not easy. In well-developed markets such as Singapore, competition is stiff, and customers are demanding, well-informed and spoilt for choice. Given the increase in variety, advertisements and distribution channels, customers tend to be less willing to explore but turn to established brands.
How can emerging brands differentiate from competition and draw loyalty?

A top priority for many executives is to enhance the customer experience, as KPMG uncovered in a recent Top Mind Survey. 34 percent of the surveyed firms intend to use enhanced customer experience as the primary platform to attract new business. A further 31 percent were planning to upscale online and mobile advertisements. Here’s how the best CRM software can help you mix the right strategy, process and technology to engage your customers.

Keep in Regular Contact With Your Customers

The best CRM software enables you to store customer information such as contact addresses, social media page, email address and telephone contact. Through regular automated engagement, the best CRM software will give you reports on the most convenient communication channel, time and even how to structure the messages. With this information, you can make a decision on how to connect with customers, give fast and personalised services once the connection is established and deliver consistent service across different contact points.

Predict Your Customer’s Needs Before They Tell You

The best CRM software have algorithms that enable predictive analytics. You can track demand and better manage your inventory levels. You will have the right stock to complement their needs and enhance their experience. Apple ® did this with their iTunes store, and it was a success. Ultimately, the online experience primes customers positively for when they meet you offline, and it also gives you the information you need to make the offline experience likewise fruitful.

Blur the Divide between the Physical and Digital Experience

Today’s online customers can order, pay for and receive products through multiple channels available at the fingertips. They expect variety and convenience whenever they visit your store. The best CRM software not only provides you with a database management tool but also allows you to integrate with various e-commerce technologies and have multi-channel management capabilities. This gives you valuable data and insights into customers’ preferences and needs enhancing both digital and physical experiences.

Make All Your Touchpoints Count

Whether it’s the customers’ smartphone, personal computer, or an interactive in-store component, ensure that you deliver a meaningful experience across all your contact points. The best CRM software will enable you to identify customer interests and shopping behaviour thus you can get and give relevant information to the customer as well as push just the right offers. It’s part of the reason leads management is crucial.

Make Your Business Customer-centric

A significant portion of customers in the Internet age will attribute value to how you engage with them on the highly connected digital channels. You must embrace human qualities such as empathy, be pragmatic in problem-solving and allow tailored interactions.
The best CRM software is at the core of your solutions to deliver these personalised solutions and enhance engagement.

In conclusion, irrespective of your industry or size, these steps will help you enhance customer engagement to fit your organisation. The best CRM software will help you to collect data, research and develop relationships with customers to enhance their engagement and experience.

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