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How to tell if Your CRM System is Letting Your Business Down

Singapore’s economy is one of the most dynamic in the world and ensuring the quality of value you give your customers is essential. However, your current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software could be a problem if it is not one that fits your business. If cracks are emerging, and complaints from customer service representatives, the sales teams and other units are on the rise, it is time to consider taking on a different CRM software. Here’s how to tell if your CRM system is letting your business down:

When Integrations are Ineffective and You Cannot Incorporate New Data Sources

The best CRM software creates even more value when it can be fully integrated with other existing applications that are being used as part of your business processes such as Slack and Zoom. This is especially so in larger firms. If you have a CRM software that cannot connect properly with systems in other units such as business intelligence, marketing analytics or enterprise resource planning (ERP), it’s about time you overhauled it..

But, how can you tell that the breakdown is happening?

Look out for where there are complicated manual processes, especially where there is more manual input between systems that could be easily linked. For example, when regular monthly reports take too long to prepare and require a lot of manual input. Also, another problem is if you cannot incorporate new data source. It translates to lost opportunities, which lets your business down.

The best CRM software ought to easily integrate with other existing tools as well as take advantage of new data sources to cope with the firm’s growth.

When Your Sales Funnel Lacks Good Leads

If your sales team has been receiving a random list of leads to start calling from the marketing team, you’d better wake up.

Gone are the days when potential buyers were blind about products and had little information. In today’s information-driven societies, buyers already have access to hoards of information about your product, as well as your competitor’s, backed up by reviews and comparisons.

Your CRM system should provide focused contextual content for all phases of a customer in the buying cycle. Therefore, the CRM system should provide a platform where marketing and sales teams can collaborate beyond the processes and make a better decision on the constitution of a sales pipeline through the data collected from your CRM software.

When Your Sales Team Relies on Intuition Rather than Data

There is enough talk going around about big data analytics and its benefits. However, it’s not surprising to hear of sales teams making decisions based on the “gut feeling.”

If that happens a lot in your business, there is a high probability that you are not meeting your potential, and you are losing out on opportunities. You should look into the usage of the current CRM software or its ability to churn out relevant reports.

Sales happen, not because you had a “good feeling” about a customer, but a combination of several factors ranging from efforts by the marketing team to the state of the customer and the mode of approach and presentation by the sales teams. These factors are quantifiable and can be captured by the best CRM software to enhance your sales efficiency.

The above factors should trigger a call for a review of your current CRM system. Remember, the best CRM software should improve your customer relations and enhance your business’ operations efficacy.

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