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June 10, 2020
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June 10, 2020

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a CRM Software For Your SME

With industry leaders, young start-ups and growing companies all offering their own CRM software, finding the right one isn’t easy. Below are a couple of questions that you should ask yourself first before choosing a CRM software for your SME.

What is the Purpose of the CRM?

As with any business venture, you must define your goals first.

Typically, businesses use CRM to smoothen their sales, customer service, and marketing processes. This is why almost all CRM software addresses these issues, but what else do you think you’ll be using it for? What areas of your business do you believe CRM software can have an impact on?

It’s also important to define the customers your business has. Do you sell to customers directly? Or do you sell to other business? Making this distinction, along with defining your goals, is important in choosing the right CRM system.

Do You Have To Go Cloud?

A cloud-based CRM solution is often cheaper compared to a one installed within the business premises – the cost for the constant upgrades, maintenance, and other support-related expenditures can add up pretty quickly.

Of course, you should do the math first. It is possible to find a company offering an on-premises solution that’s similarly priced or even cheaper or more cost-effective than a cloud-based solution. Take also into consideration if whether or not it’s sold via subscription or as a standalone software purchase.

Finally, if you go the cloud-based route, make sure that your company is fully equipped to support and handle such a product.

Is It Backwards Compatible?

One thing that’s very easy to forget when looking for the best crm software is if it works with the system currently in place.

For example, if you were using free crm software, is the new system you’re looking at compatible with it? Not only that, it should also be compatible with all of the data that your business is already currently using.

Compatibility, the time it takes for the transition and how accurate it will be, how easy it is to move the data out in case you want to use another solution down the line, what happens to your data if ever the provider goes out of business are all legitimate questions that you might want to have answers to before making the choice.

Is It Easy to Use?

There are plenty of red flags to consider when looking for the right CRM system, but the biggest one is user adaption. If it’s hard to use, then it’s going to be counterintuitive and a waste of money.

A good way to know if the CRM solution is going to be good is to try and haggle if they’re going to give you a free trial. It should take you no longer than two weeks decide if it is the solution for you. Other red flags to take note of are: limited mobile support, email integration and reseller support, as well as making it intentionally vague how much the total cost of ownership will be.

Finding the best CRM software won’t be easy. Hopefully, by asking the right questions, you’ll find one that fits your business’ needs today and in the future.

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