How to Select the Appropriate CRM Software for Your Business
June 10, 2020
Does an Online CRM System Suit a Small Business?
June 10, 2020

How to Pick out the Best CRM Software for your Startup

In 2017, Singapore was ranked the first in talent availability for start-ups, overthrowing giants such as Silicon Valley, London, and New York City. Singaporean Start-ups abound with passionate engineers, executives and have ambitious visionaries.

It’s what makes the city such a magnet for investors and entrepreneurs.

Whenever a business idea gets the thumbs up, it’s often full throttle going ahead. Growing the customer base is one of the most crucial tasks for any start-up. One of the best ways to pursue this goal is by engaging the best online CRM software system.

Business leaders in Singapore need no persuasion to convince them that a CRM is crucial for the start-up. However, with the market awash with CRM solutions, a more critical question that management needs to address is which one is the best CRM software.

Below are suggestions of how you can pick out the best CRM software for your start-up.

Initial Checks

Naturally, every startup wants to be frugal, employ a solution that the teams can easily understand and apply, use a software that gives them insights not just reports and is stable. Therefore, the best CRM software for start-ups are the ones which: offer high-value for every cent spent; are simple to understand (they demand a lot of resources in training staff on usage); a software that helps the business to retain, analyze and grow the customer base; and one that delivers consistent results.

With these qualities in check, you need to recognise that because Singapore is one of the top cities for start-ups, competition is stiff and your CRM Solution should deliver more than just average results.

What else can you include in your checks?

Include Checks on the Software’s Sales Enhancement Features

Regardless if it’s free or paid, the CRM software should deliver more than just the average expectations. However, not any fancy feature should impress you. Look out for features that will add value to the business.

At the heart and soul of any start-up is lead generation, tracking, and sales forecasting and that’s what the best CRM software should deliver without fail.

The solution should be a valuable hand in generating leads, ranking the leads, tracking sales activities and forecasting your future revenues.

Include Reporting and Dashboard Features

Only what is checked gets done, and the best CRM software should be an indispensable tool for assessing activity in as far as selling is concerned. This is crucial for start-ups because they compete against established incumbents and the nature of response as well as response time is critical.

Also, you should check the CRM’s applicability to your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). The CLV for fast-moving consumer goods is much lower than that for high-value products –such as real estate. If you are dealing with high-value products, thus, a high CLV, the best CRM software should reflect this. The CRM software should enable your team to take a client through several steps with each step marking a milestone.

Therefore, the best CRM software should help you generate high-quality reports, and develop excellent dashboard features with ease, giving you the opportunity to celebrate every victory or plug any leaks immediately.

In conclusion, the best CRM software system that you choose should fit you perfectly and be the catalyst for success. It supports great entrepreneurs who are versatile, persistent and adaptable and catapults them to victory.

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